October 22, 2020

Please contact your account manager for information about feature availability and enabling and testing new features.

1. Prime Custody

1.1 Support for new ERC20 tokens

Two ERC20 tokens can now be custodied:

  • DMM(mToken), listed as mUSDC

  • Audius platform token, AUDIO

2 Prime Indemnity

2.1 3DS integration

Prime Trust now supports fraud prevention during card linking and purchases by using 3DS challenges. An embeddable Purchase Protection script is available from Prime Trust for integrators to implement 3DS challenges using the Prime Trust Card Widget. 3DS integration is required for all customers with cryptocurrency transactions.

For integration details, see the integration documentation, Purchase Protection Integration for Card Processing.

3 Prime Liquidity

3.1 Koi Trading

Koi Trading has been integrated into PrimeLiquidity as an additional trade desk liquidity provider. Quotes API can now route quote creation through Koi Trading and execute quotes from Koi Trading.

  • Instant Settlement is available if the assets from the liquidity partners are custodied with Prime Trust and the integrator has an instant settlement account.

  • API supports minimum_trade_amount per trade desk

  • Koi Trading supports a minimum trade amount of 5 USD

  • Koi Trading supports a max precision of two decimal places for USD and eight decimal places for BTC

  • Koi Trading quote expires after 10 seconds

3.2 New assets supported

  • USDC
  • USDT
  • In summary, here are the supported trading pairs:
    • BTC / USD
    • USDC / USD
    • USDT / USD

4 Cloud Prime Trust

4.1 Sign up to Cloud Prime Trust

New users can now register for a Cloud Prime Trust account. This feature is part of an ongoing effort to achieve feature parity between cloud.primetrust.com and my.primetrust.com. The release of this feature now matches new user registration functionality at my.primetrust.com. Please note that Prime Trust is not deprecating my.primetrust.com nor encouraging users to migrate to cloud.primetrust.com yet.

Users can register at https://cloud-login.primetrust.com/sign-up. Registered users are immediately logged into the application and sent a welcome message.