November 05, 2020

Please contact your account manager for information about feature availability and enabling and testing new features.

1. Prime Custody

1.1 Account age verification

Prime Custody has introduced roles-based verification that prevents certain users who are under the age of 18 from creating Prime Trust accounts. Account owners and grantors must be over 18 years of age Beneficiary accounts may be under the age of 18

2. Prime Indemnity

1.2.1 UX improvements to 3DS challenges

Prime Indemnity has made improvements to the user experience for end users who use 3DS challenges to verify card transactions. Challenge overlays now expand to full screen and can be closed by the end user, returning the user to the card information form.

3. Prime Rails

3.1 Improvements to Card Widget user experience

End users of the Prime Rails Card Widget now see a progress indicator after submitting their card information.

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