December 16, 2020

Please contact your account manager for information about feature availability and enabling and testing new features.

1. Prime Custody

1.1 View custodial agreements in the Manage tab

In the Account Detail view in Cloud Prime Trust, the View Custodial Agreement section was moved to the Manage tab from the Review tab, so that non-admin users now have access to this view.

2. Prime Liquidity

2.1 Quote creation and execution through OWS Trading

OWS trading desk has been added as a new Liquidity Provider in support of Quotes API smart routing in Prime Liquidity.

Trading pairs supported:





Minimum Order Size supported:

  • $0.01

  • 0.01 USDT notional

  • 0.01 ETH

  • 0.01 LTC

  • 0.0005 BTC

Max Precision supported:

  • BTC: 8

  • ETH: 8

  • LTC: 8

  • USDT: 2

Trades are instantly settled if:

  • The assets from the Liquidity Provider are in Prime Trust custody

  • The account initiating the quote has enough available funds

2.2 Trade Desk hot / cold wallet ratio configuration per asset / Trade Desk pair

In order to support different hot versus cold wallet demand for each asset, Prime Liquidity now supports hot-to-cold ratio configuration for an Asset / Trade Desk pair.

Trade Desk configuration also allows a default configuration (based on the Trade Desk).

2.3 Improvements to Quote execution

Improves the overall robustness of quote execution.

3. Prime Rails

3.1 Chargebacks - confirmation dialog for reverse and send dispute

In order to reduce chargeback reversal mistakes, Cloud Prime Trust now displays a confirmation window for “Reverse Funds”, “Send Dispute” and “Submit Dispute” actions.

4. My Prime Trust

4.1 Update to open account link

The direct link to opening an account has been removed from landing page. The link remains functional; if you need to open an account, please use This change supports the eventual migration of functionality to Cloud Prime Trust.