January 6, 2021

Please contact your account manager for information about feature availability and enabling and testing new features.

1. Prime Issuance - BETA

1.1 Improved presentation of PCI card data in Debit Card Widget - BETA

This feature adds the following UX improvements to the Debit Card Widget:

  • Renders a static image of the card background

  • Renders the logo

  • Adds a toggle button to show and hide the card information

1.2 Physical card activation - BETA

Prime Issuance integrators can now activate physical cards using a new Prime Issuance endpoint, POST /v2/cards/:id/activate. The endpoint requires passing anactivation-code in the request payload.

1.3 Flag to hide card at the completion of the card holder verification flow - BETA

This features a flag for integrators to hide the card when end-users complete their card holder verification as a part of the card issuance flow. If the flag is set, end-users receive the following message at the end of the verification flow: “Thank you for completing email and phone verification”.

The flag is set at the account policy using account_policy.debit_card_show_card_on_create.

1.4 Show card information at the completion of Two-Factor Authentication flow - BETA

This feature enables the display of card information after the end-user completes a 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) Debit Card widget flow.

2 Prime Liquidity

2.1 Terra USD added as a supported asset to Prime Liquidity

Prime Liquidity Quotes API now supports trading in Terra USD. Activation of this feature is pending onboarding from the Liquidity Provider.

Trading pairs supported:

  • UST (Terra USD) / USD

Minimum Order Size supported:

  • 1 UST

Max Precision supported:

  • Six decimal places

Trades are instantly settled if:

  • The assets from the Liquidity Provider are in Prime Trust custody

  • The account initiating the quote has enough available funds

3 Prime Rails

3.1 Block outgoing wire transfers to blocked countries

Outgoing wire transfers are now blocked to the following countries:

  • Iran

  • Syria

  • Cuba

  • North Korea

  • Ukraine