February 17, 2021

Please contact your account manager for information about feature availability and enabling and testing new features.

1. Cloud Prime Trust

1.1 Filter dates before and between a given date

Cloud Prime Trust users can now filter date attributes to include all dates before and between a given date.

2 Prime Issuance - BETA

2.1 Change to card activation API endpoint - BETA

The Prime Issuance endpoint used by integrators to activate physical cards for cardholders has been updated.


has been changed to


2.2 Additional integrator control over the display of card details - BETA

The following methods are available to integrators to show or hide card details:

  • showCardDetails()

  • hideCardDetails()

Prime Issuance integrators can also create their own toggle or UI element to show and hide card information by initializing the card display iframe without the default toggle.

2.3 Custom cardholder verification - BETA

Prime Issuance has added the ability for integrators to control the verification flow for cardholders instead of using the default Prime Issuance flow. Instead of having Prime Trust send to the cardholder a verification email with a link to the Prime Issuance verification flow, a flag can be set per integrator to disable the verification email from Prime Trust.

Integrators can use a cardholder-verification-hash with the following endpoints to handle verification:

  • Request phone verification - POST /v2/card-holder-verifications/{{cardholder-hash}}/request-phone-number-verification

  • Request email verification - POST /v2/card-holder-verifications/{{cardholder-hash}}/request-email-verification

  • Verify email - POST /v2/card-holder-verifications/{{cardholder-hash}}/verify-email

  • Verify phone - POST /v2/card-holder-verifications/{{cardholder-hash}}/verify-phone-number