June 14, 2021


Webhook for denied Customer Idenification Program (CIP) check

A new webhook is available for CIP checks for a CIP denied action. A webhook is now triggered with a denied status.

"type": "webhooks",
"id": "85f996c1-365f-40cb-bf36-ad83e189d519",
"attributes": {
"action": "Update",
"created-at": "2021-05-10T13:27:04Z",
"data": {
"changes": [
"failures": 0,
"last-request-at": null,
"last-response-code": null,
"resource-id": "f62f3f91-89e6-4522-be1e-d9b1db2fd4ec",
"resource-type": "cip_checks",

Know Your Customer (KYC) next steps added to Cloud Prime Trust

A Next Steps tab was added to the page ComplianceKYC to enable the display of KYC next steps. This feature provides integrators with standard next step responses, either through Cloud Prime Trust or through the webhook.


Increased trade desk timeout to 25 seconds

In certain situations, trade desks will not return a successful execution response until after 15 seconds, after which the system cancels execution. This results in trade discrepancies where the trade is executed on the trade desk's end but not within the Prime Trust system. In order to accommodate these longer response times, trade execution was changed to a long running request with timeout at 25 seconds.

Payment rails

Create reversals for card transactions for manual processing

This feature enables integrators using the /v2/refunds endpoint to create a reversal on a settled credit card funds transfer for a given account in Prime Trust.

Once called, a refund record is created (in “Pending” status) and the returned refund-id can be passed into the /v2/refunds/{REFUND-ID}/process endpoint, creating a new funds transfer using the original Funds Transfer Method and linked to the returned refund-id.

If the “Owner Verification On Cash Disbursements” policy is set to “Yes”, a disbursement authorization is sent to the owner.

This feature can be enabled or disabled per organization.

Update the beneficiary and sub-ledger title to use Prime Trust information in Push instructions for Push Transfer Methods

When creating a Push Transfer Method for an existing account with a contact linked to it, the system now includes the Prime Trust details in the credit-to and beneficiary-address attributes within the push-instructions. This improves the instructions where the system was previously displaying the contact name and address.