July 26, 2021


New fraud detection attributes added to contact resource

The following optional attributes have been added to the contacts resource:

  • ip-address - string (integrators can load the contact IP address in IPv4 decimal or IPv6 hexadecimal format)

  • geolocation - string (integrators can load the geolocation in ISO 6709 format)

Integrators can optionally provide these values. Upcoming Prime Trust compliance updates will use these values to assist with fraud detection.


Chargeback flow updates

Previously, both fraudulent and non-fraudulent chargeback funds were placed into “HOLD” status while the chargeback process completed. For fraudulent chargebacks (for the full transaction amount), the new flow is:

  1. The chargeback is placed into a “Claimed” status (which is final and cannot be disputed).

  2. The system reverses the transaction.

Payment rails

Enable organizations to specify push transfer method limits for account / contact pairs

By default, each account / contact pair can be assigned one push transfer method. In the case where a contact wants to use two existing push transfer methods, this change enables organizations to specify the number of push transfer methods per account / contact. Organizations must work with Prime Trust to enable the specified limits.

Disbursements whitelisting

This change enables whitelisting disbursements for funds and asset, enabling clients to have tighter control over disbursements. If whitelisting is flagged as required, funds and assets cannot be disbursed. The whitelisting policies are enabled by Prime Trust on behalf of the client.