August 23, 2021


Socure live in sandbox

Support for integration with third-party automated identity check and fraud prevention partner Socure is live in the sandbox environment. A one-page transformation guide is available for integrators to adopt Socure to their existing flows.

Socure Transformation:

IRA age restriction validation

This update changes the ending age range for IRA accounts from 69 to 99.

Disable deposits in accounts that have not completed a KYC check

This change to account opening behavior ensures that all new accounts are by default unable to accept deposits until passing all CIP, AML, and document checks. Upon passing, the accounts can accept deposits.

Input validation for contact fraud prevention attributes

The previous release introduced optional geolocation and IP address attributes that integrators can pass (for end users) to improve fraud prevention. This improvement provides the following validations for those attributes:

geolocation: validate for ISO 6709 format

ip-address: validate for IPv4 or IPv6 format


Referral code for new accounts

Prime Trust account creation now require referral codes from the Prime Trust Sales team. Contact sales@primetrust or your account manager to request a referral code for a new account.


Asset label available in trades resource

The asset-label attribute is now available (in addition to the existing asset-id) in the Trades resource so that integrators and trade desks can reconcile more efficiently and have more visibility into the types of trades they are accepting.


Reverse internal transfers

Integrators can reverse internal transfers between two accounts under their organization using the following endpoint:

POST /v2/account-cash-transfers/{account-cash-transfer-id}/reverse

Integrators need to have “Full Control” or “Manage” permission over the two accounts involved in the Account Cash Transfer, and the feature needs to be enabled per organization.