September 7, 2021


Support for minimum unit trade sizes

The Liquidity API already supports the specification of minimum trade amounts for quotes by trade desks. This improvement enables the specification of minimum trade units for quotes.

resource: POST /v2/asset-trade-desks/{{asset-trade-id}}

new attribute: minimum-unit-count

Payment rails

Create a contribution using credit card iframe

This update supports recent enhancements to credit card transaction security with CVV data.

The update introduces a step for integrators using our credit card widget where contributions are now submitted using an iframe.

In this new flow, the integrator uses the card resource ID (associated with the credit card funds transfer method) to generate a new token using POST /v2/credit-card-resources/:id/token.

The token is used to launch the widget and the contribution amount is passed as a parameter. The widget displays a CVV form.

The flow is valid for new and existing cards.

Documentation available at: