January 10, 2022

Release R 1.17.22 is available for preview in the Sandbox environment on January 10, 2022.

Release R 1.17.22 will be available in Production on January 17, 2022.


Scheduled settlement UI

Integrators using the scheduled settlement feature can now view their trade settlements, view outstanding settlements, and take appropriate action. For example, if a trade settlement fails because of a lack of cash or assets on the integrator side, the integrator can now view that particular trade settlement and top-off the settlement account with any required cash or assets.

Return a successful response as soon as a quote is executed and settle asynchronously

This performance update enables asynchronous settlement and affects non-expired quotes in pending status that are executed by calling POST v2/quotes/<quote-id>/execute.

A successful "2XX" response returns status of “executed_pending_settlement”, followed by settlement, and the quote moved into executed status.