February 07, 2022

Release R 22.02.14 sandbox deployment target date: 02/07/2022.

Production deployment target date: 02/14/2022.


Contact name schema enhancements

This change lets you capture and store more granular contact name data. New parameters have been added that enhance the previous single parameter contact.name.

This change adds the following parameters to the contact resource for natural persons:

  • first_name, type: string (required for natural persons)

  • last_name, type: string (required for natural persons)

  • middle_name, type: string (optional)

The new parameters are only available for contacts that are “natural persons” (contact.Contact_type = "natural_person").

Using first_name / last_name is recommended but optional.

When creating a natural person contact you can either use the existing name field or first / last name, but not both.

Close pending accounts without a document check within the first 24 to 48 hours

In order to reduce human error and manual review during the account opening process, the system now auto-closes accounts if an account document check fails to trigger 24 hours after the account opening date.

Auto-closures apply to:

  • accounts with status of pending

  • accounts that were never opened

  • zero balance accounts

  • non-entity accounts (only natural person contacts under the account)

  • accounts that require a KYC document check to complete KYC (based on identity document policy)