February 28, 2022

Release R 22.02.28 sandbox deployment date: 02/21/2022.

Production deployment target date: 02/28/2022.


Updated custodial accounts agreement template

This change updates the agreement template for newly created and approved custodial accounts and counter-signed accounts. The updated agreement can be accessed:

  • by calling POST/v2/agreement-previews

  • during the last step of the account creation flow

  • under the Account Permission tab in Cloud Prime Trust

This change only affects new accounts and not existing accounts.


Updated email statement service

This update changes the date for email statement service delivery to the 2nd (previously the 1st) of every month in order to accommodate different time zones.


Address validation for outgoing Asset Transfer Methods

This backend update adds validation for wallet addresses when creating outgoing Asset Transfer Methods.

The system presents the following error if the address is invalid:

"errors": [
"code": 41200,
"detail": "Invalid wallet address",
"source": {
"pointer": "/data/attributes/asset"
"title": "Invalid wallet address",
"meta": {}

Payment rails

Configure the display of error messages in the credit card widget

This change allows you to enable or disable error messaging in the credit card widget. An option was added to the widget for showErrorMessages and a feature flag now enables or disables errors as follows:

  • True: The widget displays default Prime Trust error messages

  • False: Use this config if you are displaying customized errors in your own UI