April 11, 2022

Production deployment date: 04/11/2022.


Socure v3 upgrade

Socure fraud v3 upgrade is live in Production. This will provide improvements in AUC (classification accuracy) and incremental fraud capture, as well as fewer false positives. No action is needed.

Crypto custody

Handle "Destination balance error" exceptions on Asset Disbursements

There have been improvements made in the way we handle error messages received from Fireblocks.

  • Destination balance errors are received in blockchains where the wallet addresses require a minimum balance to be active. (Example of this is Polkadot)
  • If an asset disbursement is updated with this error message, we will cancel the request automatically to prevent having transactions that will be idle in pending status.


Extend Account Referral link expiration to 14 days

This update now allows customers to accept the account open referral invitation on cloud 14 days since it was generated instead of previously 3 days (existing users) and 5 days (new users).