June 23, 2022

Production deployment date: 06/23/2022.


Source SDK document download

You can now use the GET/v2/uploaded-documents endpoint to download IDs and selfies that are captured by the source SDK. The IDs and selfies are also available in the cloud. Each secure SDK call creates these files:





Quotes now enforces a hard validation for minimum amount and unit count of one cent.

This validation ensures that trades with a value of less than $0.01 cannot execute.


Custom ACH Originator for ACH Origination (Contributions and Disbursements)

ACH origination can now use a custom “Company Name” for your organization. This allows organizations to display their own company name for contributions and disbursements rather than displaying “Prime Trust LLC.”

The API response for Funds Transfers now returns the “nacha-individual-id”

Retrieving Funds Transfers of type “ach” from our API now includes the NACHA Individual ID. Attribute details:

name: ‘nacha-individual-id’

type: ‘string’

Zero-dollar authorizations when linking a credit/debit card.

To improve the card linking process, we are now doing zero dollar authorizations to validate that the card exists, is active, and is associated with the correct CVV and billing address.

Previously, we were performing a micro transaction (between $1 and $2), which could result in higher decline rates as well as bank holds on the transaction amount for up to 30 days.

If the authorization is successful, the Credit Card resource transitions to “verified” status and a Funds Transfer Method is created.