January 25, 2022

Release R 22.01.31 sandbox deployment target date: 01/25/2022.

Production deployment target date: 02/01/2022.

Updates to KYC validation next steps

This change improves the next steps process for social security card validation.

Specify tax year for IRA contributions

IRS rules permit contributions up until the tax filing deadline of April 15 of the current tax year (e.g. 2022) to be counted towards previous tax year (e.g. 2021) contributions. This presents a window in April where the contribution could go into one tax year or another based upon the filing date.

This update to the contributions API resource enables the tax year for the contribution to be specified in the POST /v2/contributions endpoint.

  • new field name: tax_year, type: integer (optional, leave blank for the current calendar year, otherwise optionally specify the year for the contribution)

January 10, 2022

Release R 1.17.22 is available for preview in the Sandbox environment on January 10, 2022.

Release R 1.17.22 will be available in Production on January 17, 2022.


Scheduled settlement UI

Integrators using the scheduled settlement feature can now view their trade settlements, view outstanding settlements, and take appropriate action. For example, if a trade settlement fails because of a lack of cash or assets on the integrator side, the integrator can now view that particular trade settlement and top-off the settlement account with any required cash or assets.

Return a successful response as soon as a quote is executed and settle asynchronously

This performance update enables asynchronous settlement and affects non-expired quotes in pending status that are executed by calling POST v2/quotes/<quote-id>/execute.

A successful "2XX" response returns status of “executed_pending_settlement”, followed by settlement, and the quote moved into executed status.

December 20, 2021


Auto-deny new accounts following a CIP check rejection

In order to reduce the time and effort to open an account, and to reduce human error and manual review, this feature auto-denies and closes an account if a CIP check decision is rejected.

For an account to be auto-denied and closed, an account must be:

  • status: pending

  • never opened before

  • zero balance

  • not an entity account (entity accounts have more than one contact)

The outcome of the auto-deny and closure feature is the same as the deny account option in Cloud Prime Trust.


Ability for a trade desk user to see its trade settlements

Previously, users with the trade_desks role could not view trade settlements.

This update adds the ability for a user from a trade desk to see its trade settlements using /v2/trade-settlements.

Payment rails

Webhook response for pre-created credit card contribution

This update to the credit card contribution flow introduces a webhook “updated” event for when a pre-created contribution completes and a funds transfer is created and successfully linked to a contribution.


  1. Integrator calls POST /v2/contributions/token to create the 'pre-created' contribution

  2. Integrator uses the Credit Card widget to collect CVV and complete the contribution.

  3. The system links the funds transfer to the contribution.

  4. “Updated” webhook is sent out to the integrator.

Webhook update:

An "updated" webhook event is fired when a funds transfer is successfully linked to a contribution after a pre-created contribution was successfully completed.