December 6, 2021

Updates on the latest product releases from the Prime Trust team.


KYC auto deny over sigma fraud risk > 0.99

Prime Trust now auto-denies CIP checks if the fraud risk > 0.99

KYC accept ITIN

Prime Trust now accepts and validates ITIN if entered as tax-id.

Deny-list error message update

Previously, when the deny-list feature blocked Account / Contact creation, the system sent an error message with text instructions to “contact your account manger”. This updated replaces the text of the message with, “User is ineligible for a Prime Trust account”.

Payment rails

Pre-contribution creation and completion with a token

This feature provides new endpoints for integrators to create a token linked to a “pre-created” token that can only be used to complete and process that pre-created contribution. The pre-created token reduces the risk of creating a contact that can then be used to create a contribution (through the Prime Trust credit card embeddable widget) for differing amount.

POST /v2/contributions/token

  • Uses the request payload as a contribution except with 3DS challenge attributes.

  • Can only be used for contributions of type “credit_card”

  • Creates the contribution record but does not process it

  • Returns the contribution details along with a token

Cancel a credit card pre-contribution

This feature provides av new endpoint for integrators to cancel a pre-created credit card contribution:

POST /v2/contributions/token/<token-hash>/cancel

  • Used if the Contribution is in Pending status and there is no funds transfer associated with it (meaning it hasn’t been fully processed)

  • Canceling prevents the token from working

If the contribution has been processed, the system returns a 403 response with the message, “Funds transfer has already been processed and cannot be cancelled.”

Hide form on CVV submit success page

This feature hides the form in the credit card embeddable widget before destroying the iframe in order to prevent your end users from re-submitting a CVV number more than once.

The system previously displayed the CVV again after the 3DS challenge completed.

Support of intermediary SWIFT code for international wires

This update enables Cloud Prime Trust users to enter either a SWIFT Code either or a routing number in the Intermediary SWIFT Code field when sending an outbound transaction in all currencies.

The system displays two radio button selections (one of the two is required):

  • Intermediary Swift Code - validate format of 11 alphanumeric digits

  • Intermediary Routing Number - validate format of 9 numeric digits

November 22, 2021

Updates on the latest product releases from the Prime Trust team.


Enable disbursements for pending closures

This update to account freeze status behavior changes the behavior for pending closures so that customers can move money out of the account. Previously the system did not allow disbursements for pending closures.

November 2, 2021

Updates on the latest product releases from the Prime Trust team.


Account freeze webhook

This update introduces new account freeze reason codes as well as instructions on how to unfreeze accounts. See How to handle account freezes. Old values will remain as-is in the system.

Example new webhook payload:

"id": "753d2fcb-8531-45ec-8ff4-da6b623e9aeb",
"account-id": "d96e9ab3-ac26-428e-a9cf-b93b326ceaf7",
"action": "update",
"data": {
"freeze_reason": "AF01: ACH Reversal",
"freeze_required_actions": [
"NF03: Please complete and sign due diligence questionnaire and submit required documentation. Contact your Account Manager.",
"NF06: Approve or deny wire recall request",
"NF02: Please provide proof of account ownership",
"NF07: Provide updated identity documentation",
"NF08: Please contact",
"NF05: Please contact to settle outstanding invoices",
"NF04: Please contact Customer Support at or your Account Manager"
"resource-id": "d96e9ab3-ac26-428e-a9cf-b93b326ceaf7",
"resource-type": "accounts",
"account_id": "d96e9ab3-ac26-428e-a9cf-b93b326ceaf7",
"resource_id": "d96e9ab3-ac26-428e-a9cf-b93b326ceaf7",
"resource_type": "accounts"

Stop sending CIP checks over material changes if the previous CIP was denied or approved

This update to CIP checks processing stops sending CIP checks based on updates to contact information if the previous CIP check was denied or approved.

Payment rails

Use instant settlement account for credit card contributions

This update changes system behavior so that credit card contributions created using the credit card embeddable widget go to the credit card instant settlement account instead of the end user’s account. This change ensures that the integrator can then transfer the money to the end user’s account so that it is available for immediate use.

This change deprecates the use of sending the account-id in the POST v2/contributions/<hash> endpoint.

Please contact your account manager to configure and enable.

Ability to disable a credit card resource token

Integrators use a credit card resource token (CCR token) when creating a contribution. Now integrators can call the POST /v2/credit-card-resources/token/{hash}/disable endpoint to disable the CCR token and prevent the token from being used to create more contributions or links to a new card.

Remove customer disbursement authorization verification for ACH refunds

This updates the system so that customers do not have to authorize refunds via email authorization. Email authorizations are no longer a requirement to authorize the disbursement to be credited back.

Show first and last six characters when withdrawing to a previously created address in Cloud

Cloud users can now view the first six and last six characters of a previously created wallet address for confirmation purposes when performing a withdrawal. The user confirmation can be completed during the Review & Submit step, where the system previously less information.

For example:

My Address 1 (terra): terra1…jjh29e