Core Platform Overview

Whether by developer friendly APIs or through our web apps, Core Platform offers foundational infrastructure that enables fintech businesses. Spanning payments, custody, various account types, settlements, compliance, and liquidity - our clients can greatly reduce time to market by building on top of the Core Platform scalable, compliant, and robust infrastructure.

Core Platform encompasses the following product line.


  • Assets

    • USD, EUR, GBP

    • CRYPTO

    • Stocks and bonds

    • Private Business Interests

    • Real Estate

  • Account types

    • Individual Custodial Accounts

    • Institutional Custodial Accounts

    • Roth and Traditional IRAs

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Payment Rails

  • ACH

  • Card Processing

  • Domestic Wires

  • SWIFT Wires

  • Checks

  • Digital Asset Transactions

  • SigNet - Signature Bank Network

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Debit Cards



  • KYC

  • AML

  • Investigations

  • Transaction monitoring

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