Purchase Protection Integration

Indemnity Purchase Protection Integration for Card Processing


Prime Trust clients integrating Indemnity as part of their card processing solution.


Indemnity offers purchase protection for integrators using the Prime Trust card widget through front-end JavaScript and the 3 Domain Secure (3DS) flow. 3DS purchase protection enables additional fraud prevention for merchants by presenting a validation check within the card purchase flow.

Purchase Protection is required for all cryptocurrency purchase integrations.

For Prime Trust card integrations, the 3DS validation can occur within two steps of the flow:

  • Card linking, when adding a card for payment
  • Purchase processing

During the card linking flow, the issuing bank of the card being linked can request a 3DS challenge/verification on the transaction. In that case, the script launches the 3DS popup to validate the card holder’s authority to add and use the card.

For indemnity integration instructions, please see the Credit Card Integration Guide.

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